Non Fund Based Working Capital

Online Course

Duration- 4 hours


In this module participants will learn about different non-fund based working capital products, their assessment, application and assessment in the overall working capital finance.

Topics covered

  1. Discussion on Non Fund Based Products and their utilities for borrower
  2. Discussion on Letter of Credit:
    • Process description
    • Assessment of LC limits
    • Types of LC
    • Issues related to LC facilities
  3. Bank Guarantee
    • Concept
    • Types of Bank Guarantee and associated risk
    • Operational process of BG
    • Assessment of Bank Guarantee
    • Banker’s Payment Obligation

Benefits of the course:

After completing this module participants will be able to:

  1. Understand difference between fund based and non fund based working capital loan
  2. Understanding different processess associated with different non fund based product.
  3. Determination of actual limit to be sanctioned for non fund based product

Pitch right non fund based product to borrower, rather than blindly selling the product

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Corporate Credit Analysis

Incisive Corporate Risk/Return analysis is of utmost important aspects of a healthy banking relationship with the client. When your banker understands the banking need of the customer, it will help him to structure the credit facilities put in place risk mitigation measures and help your institution in assessment of credit facilities like term loans, Working Capital limits etc. This is a highly interactive course that enables participants to understand the concepts in depth and apply them rapidly into real life situations.


After completing this course participants will be able to:

  • Build up analytical skill set for corporate credit analysis for Banks and FI
  • Take appropriate credit decision.
  • Assess risk and generate higher profitability

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Advanced Corporate Credit

Maintaining and healthy and risk managed relationship with large corporates is a complex task. The course imparts skills of using capital market data for debt evaluation purposes. It builds skillsets for complex credit transactions like M&A funding, LBO etc. It will help inculcate skillsets required for underwriting specialized debt financing, requirements of corporates like M&A funding.


  • Enhanced and incisive analysis of instruments for funding large corporates
  • Improved Risk Mitigation and Management
  • Identification of early signs of financial distress allowing room for early

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Advanced Credit Monitoring

When it comes to Risk Management, foreknowledge is a great asset, enabling lenders to take proactive action. The Advance Program on Credit Monitoring will build up skillsets for advance monitoring techniques with the help of data analytics. It will build up team capabilities in using innovative ways of monitoring credits so that early warning signals can be detected.

Participants would be able to detect weakness of borrower accounts so that proper rectification can be carried out and this would prevent slippage of accounts.


  • Systemic benefits of having a more capable and empowered credit monitoring team
  • Early warning signals enabling you to take prompt action
  • Enhanced outcomes from your lending business

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Credit Assessment for SME

SME’s contribute 45% to the country’s GDP and as such cannot be ignored. Yet lending to SME’s require specialized skills that are quite different from the tools used for large corporate lending. The Credit Assessment for Small and Medium enterprise course will develop skillsets in right selection of the borrower, due diligence of the borrower, credit rating of the borrower as well as FSA, Fund based and Non Fund Based WC assessment.


  • Practical step-by-step solution that will enhance the credit assessment of your team, delivering long term benefits, healthy business relationship, and growth. 
  • Build up basic skillsets of your team in handling SME clients.

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Credit Risk Management

The structured course deals with definition and identification of credit risk, component of credit risk, credit risk assessment and measurement, credit rating mechanism, concept of credit risks management through credit appraisal process.


  • Building up skillsets for assessment and measurement of credit risk associated with borrower.
  • Enhanced vigilance and improved business outcomes

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