Disseminare is a deeply relationship-oriented company and aims to grow and develop the market through collaborative efforts with suitable partnerships. Disseminare is in the process of tying up with customers to deliver managed services in the learning and employee skills development function.

  • Learning partnership – Learning partnerships are skill development centres for Dissemnare’s flagship courses in Financial skills development. Disseminare is looking or partners to setup center for learning in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities for:
    • Employability Skills in the financial sector
    • Job oriented training in Banks and Private financial companies.
  • Technology Partnership and Consulting – The large part of Disseminare’s growth strategy centres around partnerships with technology companies in the Banking and Financial sector. Companies with products and services that are considered essential and innovative in the industry can be delivered to customers through collaborative effort with the technology partners.
    • Disseminare’s deep reach and understanding of the BFSI market enables them to be a trusted advisory services for technology solutions.
    • Partner solution fitment and execution through a consultative approach.
    • Development of new products and services, including customized services to support customer requirements in the BFSI segment.

To become a Disseminare partner in the following segments, please fill up your organization details.

  • Training Partner (Form for filling up organization details and registering)
  • Technology Partner (Form ….)

Strategic Partners


Technology partners:

Keyline info

iSpring Solutions.

Learning partners

Application and partnership signup process is ongoing. Apply now. (India, Singapore& Bangladesh).

Key area:

  • Skill Development.
  • Training partner.
  • Content Development.
  • eLearning.