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Term Loan

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Term Loan:
Duration : 4 hours

1. Term Loan – Introduction :
  a. Fund based loan products
  b. Tenure based classification
  c. Purpose based classification
  d. Funding for capacity expansion
  e. Funding Margin Money of Working Capital
  f. Funding of the non-current assets
2. Assessment of Term Loan :
  a. Identify purpose of term loan
  b. Determine Project Cost
  c. Determine Fixed Assets Cost
  d. Determine Miscellaneous Expenses
  e. Determine Interest During Construction
  f. Determine Margin Money for Working Capital
3. Evaluation of Term Loan :
  a. Term Loan assessment
  b. Validation of project cost
  c. Determination of means of finance
  d. Verification of project cash flows
  e. Use of sensitivity analysis
  f. Summing up of entire process cycle

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Founder & CEO

Academic Highlights

Mr. Praloy Majumder has a Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management (PGDBM) from the Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta.

Position in Company

Mr. Praloy Majumder is the founder of Disseminare Consulting and its Chief Consultant.

Key Expertise

Mr. Majumder has keen interest in broad range of subjects related to Risk and Credit. He is also a visiting faculty at IIMC, where he conducts sessions on Banking, Credit and Risk Culture in BFSI.


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