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Operational Risk: An Introductory Module

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Operational Risk: An Introductory Module
Duration : 2 hours

1. Introduction to Operational Risk :
  a. Introduction to risk management of bank
  b. Position of operational risk in the overall risk management of bank
  c. History of introduction of operational risk in Basel framework
  d. Characteristics of operational risk
2. Oversight of Operational Risk :
  a. Supervisory framework of Operational Risk
  b. RBI circulars of Operational Risk
  c. Importance of awareness about Operational Risk
  d. Operational Risk reporting structure of bank
3. Operational Risk loss events :
  a.List of Operational Risk loss events as per Basel guidelines
  b.List of Operational Risk loss events for liability products
  c.List of Operational Risk loss events for asset products

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Founder & CEO

Academic Highlights

Mr. Praloy Majumder has a Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management (PGDBM) from the Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta.

Position in Company

Mr. Praloy Majumder is the founder of Disseminare Consulting and its Chief Consultant.

Key Expertise

Mr. Majumder has keen interest in broad range of subjects related to Risk and Credit. He is also a visiting faculty at IIMC, where he conducts sessions on Banking, Credit and Risk Culture in BFSI.


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