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Disseminare Consulting has partnered with to hire and train professional credit sales consultants for their office in Gurgaon. The program is designed and developed for a successful career in the Finance Industry, particularly with a special emphasis on Credit Management (Loans and advances). is a marketplace platform for providing loans and credit cards to customers online. is India's largest credit product platform and recruits the best talent from the industry to meet the customer's and partner expectations. is a learning solutions company specialized credit and risk management in the banking and financial sector.  Disseminare Consulting has developed training methodologies over th last ten years which are extremely advanced and has the reputation of being the best in the industry. As part of this program, Disseminare Consulting delivers the following opportunity to aspiring individuals wanting to build a stable and rewarding career in Credit and Finance.

1) Hire Candidates for the role of "Associate Sales Consultant" for Credit Business at the Gurugram office. Candidates selected are issued a "Provisional appointment letter" from The remuneration includes a fixed salary of Rs. 15 K/Month + handsome incentives.

2) Train the candidates at the Disseminare Express training centers for one month. Candidates selected must pay for the initial training fees to cover for the cost of training. 

3) On completion of training, the candidates are required to appear for a final test and an interview by Successful candidates are issued permanent appointment letters with joining instructions. In case of any rare case of rejection of a candidate, the option to repeat the course, or apply for placement is other opportunities shall be provided to the candidate.

4) Candidates recruited for the first batch shall also be provided an option to redeem 25% of the course fees after completion of 3 months in the job at The redemption of the loyalty incentive shall be in the form of enrollment to advance courses offered by disseminare and also for a 3 year free membership to learning services.


The opportunity provided by not just another recruitment to a job position. It has an emphasis on the candidates to build up a long lasting career in the finance industry. The candidates shall not only be trained to succeed in their job at, they will also have the basic foundation to build a career in the credit function of the industry. Candidates undergoing the Disseminare training shall be provided:

1) Rigorous 120 hour course on Credit and sales. In addition, the candidates shall be exposed to e-learning on supplemental materials to support their learning process.

2) Candidates will also have advanced exposure to credit products and sales inputs from The knowledge of the products and the sales techniques shall help the candidates to perform better from day one.

3) Candidates joining shall also have a 6-month subscription to the online learning center of Any finance and credit related queries and knowledge support shall be provided by disseminare experts from the online portal.


The program is an excellent opportunity to get industry ready within the shortest possible time and also start working in the best opportunities available in the market. The Disseminare advantages are as follows:

1) Short duration express course relevant to the job requirements in a growing industry segment

2) Course delivered by the best experts and blends the most advanced learning methodologies, including state of the art e-learning platform. 

3) Learners have 6 months learning support subscription The subscription can be extended to receive continuous learning updates and discounted subscription to advanced courses on many topics related to banking.


Please submit your resume and apply for an interview at the next available date. The first batch of training of new hires shall commence on 10th January  2019.

Disseminare consulting is an IIBF accredited Debt Recovery Agent training partner based out of Kolkata and West Bengal. 


The RBI has mandated that DEBT recovery Agents (DRA) working in and on behalf of Banks and Financial institutions must be certified by a course designed by IIBF, to be employed in that role. All DRA personnel currently working or new entrants seeking employment in the industry as DRA must complete the necessary certification to be able to work as DRAs.


Disseminare Consulting has designed a DRA certification course for 100 hours as mandated by RBI guidelines and regulation and developed by IIBF. The benefits of enrolling with the course are:

1) Foundation course in Credit management with emphasis on long term career building in Debt recovery segment.

2) Confirmed placement on completion of certification course and passing the DRA exam. Eligible candidates may also be enrolled or empanelled with banks directly.

3) Less duration (100 hours) intensive course at very low cost of taking the course.


Candidates with an interest in building a long term career in the banking and finance sector, having a minimum qualification of Higher Secondary pass certificate, can apply to enrol in the day or evening course conducted by Disseminare experts. The candidates must have the basic knowledge of English as a preferred skill.


The first batch begins on 22nd December. Hurry to enroll yourself. For more details, please visit,

Job Summary

Looking for fresh graduates with proficiency in writing and speaking English, Bengali and Hindi (optional) and with a creative bent of mind. Highly passionate individuals, preferably with some training in Graphic Designing and creation, are required to work closely with a team of content writers and designers for e-Learning content.

The candidate must necessarily have good knowledge and proficiency in Microsoft PowerPoint, doc and excel. A graduate degree in commerce or finance is an added advantage, Knowledge of Web development tools and technology will help the candidate in their job profile to understand and deliver high quality content, meeting the requirement of highly engaging and rich user experience.

The ideal candidate must be passionate about their work, be self-motivated and be able to deliver work assigned on time. The work environment is friendly and flexible, all necessary support and guidance are available to ensure success in the job. Candidates who have the need and the attitude to work and develop a career for themselves may find the opportunity extremely attractive and meaningful.

Responsibilities and Duties

1) Content Development in Power-point, Excel and Doc.

2) Design and add visual elements to make textual content more comprehensive.

3) Animation and Voice over of content

4) Technical support for developed content.

Required Experience, Skills and Qualifications

1) Knowledge of Graphic Design, Microsoft Power-point (Advanced)

2) Good grasp of English, writing and speaking.

3) Commerce or Science (with maths), preferred.

No previous experience is required, though any certification course undertaken in graphics designing can be an advantage.


1) Training and guidance, for work and career development.

2) Flexible Work environment

3) Experience and learning in a highly specialized professional domain.

Job Types: Full-time, Fresher, Walk-In

Salary: ₹8,000.00 to ₹10,000.00 /month

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