April - 2019

11th April 2019

Basic Credit

In this module students will learn what is credit all about, and about the different lending products (term loan, cash credit, working capital etc.) borrowers can access. Participants will also learn step-by-step process on creating balance sheet and p
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16th April 2019

Analytical framework for selection of borrowers

Borrower selection is a very important first step in lending process. In this module participants will learn various methods to select right borrowers by doing qualitative and quantitative analysis of borrower.

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30th April 2019

Analysis of Financial Statement

Real life financial statements are often challenged by complex entries. This necessitates in depth analysis of financial statement. In this module students will gain analytical insight needed to analyze financial statements and detect early warning sig
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May - 2019

08th May 2019

Fund Based Working Capital

In this module participants will learn about working capital cycle, the determinants of working capital finance, types of working capital assessment methods and application of  the same to different borrowers.

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